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Deep Water
By Kyizi

Stargate Atlantis and all related items do not belong to me. Only this Story and its related original ideas and characters are mine. No copyright infringement intended.
Rating: 12A/PG-13
Word Count: 18,512 words
Characters/Pairing: John/Cam
Spoilers/Timeline: This is a complete AU, but implies knowledge of the first season and spoils up to 1x11, “The Eye”.

Notes: This is my entry to the [ profile] sg_flyboys thing-a-thon. It’s written for [ profile] miss_zedem, who wanted AU, romance and coming out (either or both of them). Well…this is certainly AU! I’m hoping I got enough of the latter two in there for you, as well.

A massively massive thanks to both [ profile] loriel_eris and [ profile] purple_shoes for the support and halftime-beta, especially since I broke Lori’s universe (and ship!) and [ profile] purple_shoes hasn’t watched SG for a while! *smooches you both*

Summary: Cam isn’t wounded in the battle over Antarctica, but that didn’t make him any less of a hero. When he’s offered any assignment he wants, his decision takes him further than he could have ever imagined.


| Part One | Part Two |

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Looks like Round 2 is open for business and looking for sign ups! Go here and be gleeful; sign up, you know you want to... ;p

ETA: Yes, I totally signed up, but I am working on the wee!John main fic, as per the results of the fic update poll I posted. I've got 20 pages and counting, but it's gonna be a long one!
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The Lita/John and Lita/Randy Ficathon Master List

Okay, so the deadline is finally here! Please remember that the rules stated that a fic didn't have to be finished, but could be either half of a long fic, or the first five parts of a really long/epic fic (on the condition that the author intends to finish the fic).

Here are the entries, please remember to review!

Alphabetically, because it's easiest..

Click for the the fics... )
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Deceiver of Fools
By Kyizi

The WWE and all related items do not belong to me; only the story is mine. No copyright infringement intended.

Rating: 12A/PG-13

Pairings: Lita/John, Shawn/Lilian, other pairings possible, I haven’t decided yet.

Spoilers: Set during Wrestlemania 22, but with a few differences. The rosters have joined up again, so everyone’s been working together for a few weeks. The match for the Women’s title is a triple threat; Trish vs. Mickie vs. Victoria.

Feedback: Please, it makes me smile :)

Notes: This is a response to the Lita/John and Lita/Randy Ficathon.

Written for: [ profile] brokengem (Kristi)

03] "It says she thinks you're an annoying jerk." // "It's a pet name." (Wilson and House from House, MD)
32] "If I didn't love you so much, you would have been dead."
15] "I'm not here for your entertainment. You don't really want to mess with me tonight" (U and Ur Hand, Pink)

Must Haves:
21] Bittersweet, happy ending for the couple
08] Party with a game of "I Never" causing some secrets to come up and people to get really drunk.

Title comes from the song ‘Deceiver of Fools’, by Within Temptation

A/N: I didn’t really want to make Edge a bad guy again, but it worked and I had to go with it. Sorry.


Deceiver of Fools: Prologue to Part Four )


On to Parts Five and Six
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Hey, those of you who signed up for the WWE Lita/John and Lita/Randy ficathon please check your inboxes. I just noticed a glaring error with the deadline that there are two different ones stated in different places! *headdesk* Therefore, I've had to make it the later of the two.

To clarify: deadline is the 17th August
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Okay, so have fallen behind with the f-list, I know. I'm working myself into the ground with overtime this week and...just... *cries*

Yeah, I'm exhausted and haven't had much time, let alone inclination, to do *anything* other than maybe read a few fics, catch up with the last two eps of Bones (AND, OMG, *SQUEE* FOR BONES!) and fall into bed. SO, yeah, not much time for catching up. Hope to have time at the weekend...hey, who knows, maybe I'll even have the time to sleep at some point. Wouldn't that be nice?


Anyway, final reminder for the WWE people out there. Closing date to enter the Lita/John and Lita/Randy ficathon is this Sunday, so go sign up now, please *g*

Right. Bed time.


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Okay, so I said a while back that I'd be running a Lita/Randy or Lita/John ficathon in time for Christmas...yeah, so that didn't quite happen. I am, however, quite happily settled into my new flat with my brand new internet connection and my brand new laptop and I've finally caught up with LJ. So, I've decided it's time to run said ficathon.

Now, I've had a few people mention that they're interested in this, but it's been kind of split as to whether Lita/John or Lita/Randy is the most popular. Therefore, I've decided to combine the two. Writers can choose which pairing they want to write.

In an effort to make the 'assignments' slightly easier to hand out, I'm going to be running this ficathon slightly different to the Lita ficathon.

Okay, so here's what to do:

1] You sign up by replying to this post.

2] You leave your penname and email address (one you're likely to check regularly - please make sure it's correctly typed, I had problems with the last ficathon).

3] You supply me with three quotes and two things you'd like to see in a fic. Quotes can be from songs, TV shows, poems, anything you like. They can even be made up lines you just think are cool.

4] You let me know whether you are writing Lita/John or Lita/Randy (If you don't know, write that, too). Please note that if you really dislike one of the pairings (and are writing for the other) you need to also tell me that in your sign up, so that I know not to have someone gift you a fic with that pairing.

5] I will put all the quotes supplied by everyone into one list and all the things people would like to see in another.

6] The final sign up date will be Sunday 20th May and assignments will be emailed out on Wednesday 23rd May.

7] In your email you will receive three random quotes from the list compiled and two things you need to write into your fic. You will also be given the name of another person who has signed up for the ficathon. This is the person you'll dedicate ('gift') your fic to.

8] Because I know a lot of people find it hard to do, please note that all three quotes do not need to be put into the fic, but you must include at least one.

9] If you are writing a fic in parts, at least five chapters/parts must be ready to post by the deadline and you must intend to finish the fic. (If your fic is epic and you're posting it in two large chunks, then the first must be ready by the deadline).

10] Fics must be ready to post by Friday 17th August. This gives you over two months to write the fic/the first five chapters. I will be sending out reminders closer to the time and I'm always available to answer questions.

Here's a sample sign up )

So, yeah, please plug this anywhere you can think of; Yahoo groups,, LJ comms, blogs, your LJ, everywhere and anywhere. Let's see how many people we can get to sign up! :)

If anyone has any questions, please email me at

So, yeah, go on, sign up! You know you want to :p
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Hey all!

Well, that's the end of the ficathon. Below you'll find details of each request and a link to the fics. I hope everyone involved had fun writing and that everyone reading both enjoys and leaves some feedback!

Lita Ficathon Masterlist ) contemplating at Dx, Lita/Randy, or Lita/John Ficathon next... I'd quite like to take part in one myself :)
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Okay, so I only came online to quickly post the previous post and to let you all know that I'm off on holiday next week. Therefore, I likely won't be about at all (not even a little) until mid October.

However, I logged in to my inbox and found this!

So, because I now have a pretty banner for it, I'm linking the fic again.

Lullaby Lost
By Kyizi

Doctor Who and it's related characters and ideas do not belong to me; only the story and any original characters are mine.

Rating: PG13/12A

Spoilers: Everything up to and including Season 2, episode 6.

( Lullaby Lost )

Also, HUGE congrats to [ profile] theemdash who got first place for her SG1 J/D fic Bad Timing. What I've read is fab, but I haven't finished reading because I'm always in an internet cafe when I attempt it and I'd blush.

A lot.
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Ficathon Assignments were sent out on 20/08/06 by email. If anyone didn't get theirs, let me know.

Original Post, with all the info and rules, is under the cut.

Rules and Info )
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Okay, so my lack of internet time and the fact that I don't have Sky TV (and therefore can't watch the wrestling) is beginning to iritate me. In order to give myself something WWE-related and fun to do off-line I was hoping to run a WWE ficathon.

At this stage I'm just trying to guage whether or not I'd have a fair amout of participation. I'm looking for writers who'd be interested in signing up. To narrow things down, I'm thinking of making it a Lita Ficathon (she's my favourite Diva after all), but am open to running a general WWE ficathon when this one's over.

Here are a few notes on what I intend to set out:

* Deadline will be at least three months from the date the assignments are sent out and will be specified from the beginning.

* Every participant will get a fic written for them and will have to write a fic for someone else (form is shown below).

* Fics can be written in parts, as long as at least four or five parts are ready by the deadline and you intend to finish it.

* Fics should have Het pairings only.

* Participants should not post their fics anywhere until the deadline date. Each writer should send me a link to their fic and, on the date specified, I will create an open 'ficathon masterlist' post on my LJ with links to everyone's entries, which can be accessed by anyone.

Each participant will post in a thread I'll start on my LJ (I'll allow anonymous posts for those of you who don't have Live Journals) filling in the following 'form':

The form )

I'll then take all the entrants and match everyone with a fic to write. You'll use the 'requirements' set out and write a fic for that person.

e.g. (not because I think you're stupid, but because I doubt my ability to explain coherently) )

Right, so...any takers!?

If there's anything mentioned that puts you off signing up, please let me know as nothing's set in stone.

Also, if you can think of any LJ communities/Yahoo Groups etc. that might have interested writers feel free to post a link to my LJ post and spread the word!

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Lullaby Lost
By Kyizi

Doctor Who and it's related characters and ideas do not belong to me; only the story and any original characters are mine.

Rating: PG13/12A

Spoilers: Everything up to and including Season 2, episode 6.

Email: kyizifanfic [at] hotmail [dot] com

Notes: This is a ficathon response. My muses were refusing to cooperate and then, all of a sudden, this happened. This is not a direct sequel to Forgotten Roses, in that you don’t have to have read it or have any knowledge of it, but I always felt like it was the sequel when writing it. There are a few references to FR, but it’s nothing you’d need to know.

This is for [ profile] theemdash as a late birthday present and because it was her that got me to sign up for the ficathon in the first place. She waved it in front of me like a big bar of Galaxy Chocolate and I couldn’t resist! I’m so sorry; I tried to write you a Stargate fic, but my muses wouldn’t cooperate, so I hope this’ll do.

The Ficathon: I have no idea what songs my lyrics came from and I resisted the urge to google them and find out. I did, however, manage to put all three in my fic, so feel free to give me brownie points. Or just brownies would be nice, actually, big chocolate ones. The lines are listed at the end, because I found that, when you knew what they were, they might as well be highlighted in neon colours with huge arrows and speech balloons shouting, ‘look, ma, here it is!’

Oh, and another note for those of you who stuck with me through Forgotten Roses, I want to say thank you and also to add that I’ll try my best to make sure that this one doesn’t end with the same depressing feeling some of you so vocally expressed at the end of FR! Sorry, about that! ;)

This is mostly from Rose’s point of view, but the Doctor makes an appearance at the end. Italics are, well, you’ll see ;)

Lullaby Lost )

Feedback is always appreciated.
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Okay, I know my list isn't as full of WWE people as it is for other genres, but I'm hating that I can't watch wrestling at the moment (I don't have Sky) and have, therefore, been overdosing on [ profile] karenfic's writing instead. Which is never a bad thing! ;)

That coupled with the fact that I'm not able to get online very much, means that I'm in the mood to do something.

So...who of all you who are into the genre, would be interested in a ficathon? I'd open it up outwith my own friends list, of course, but there's no point in doing it at all if there's no interest.

I know that [ profile] darlakane dabbles in fic that she rarely posts (but is very good!) and that [ profile] karenfic practically invented the genre as far as fanfic is concerned (imho), and I want to get my muses going again, but three people does not a ficathon make.

So, who's interested/knows people who are interested?

It'd give me something to organise and lots of fic to read at the end. I'd post on my yahoo group and on any other related groups that would allow me to pimp it and if anyone has other ideas, feel free to tell me!

So...anyone interested?
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Okay, take a look at the Sycophanthex Harry Potter Fanfic Festival. Looks like it could be fun!


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