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Okay, for all you Who 'verse people, get your butts over to The Tardis Big Bang website and read all the awesome 20k+ fics that are there. There were 23 stories, 64 pieces of art and 4 videos compiled by many wonderful people over a long period of time. And whilst you're there, feel free to check out this... *g*


click on the images to leave feedback and see the full size versions versions

Cover by [ profile] _squaredance

by Kyizi

New Who, Torchwood | PG-13 | hints of various pairings, but nothing explicit | 23,530 words

Separated by dimensions, Rose and the Doctor find themselves on the trail of a strange alien signal. Along with Ianto, Mickey and her Torchwood allies, Rose finds herself in Cardiff, not realising that, in the same time and place, in another dimension, the Doctor, Jack and Gwen are following their own leads. But there's something in the darkness watching and waiting...and time is running out.

Amorphous: without a definite shape or form...

image by [ profile] _afterism

cover and images by [ profile] phantommisdo

I chose this order for the art, because [ profile] _squaredance made the perfect cover, [ profile] _afterism depicted one of my favourite scenes and [ profile] phatommisdo details perfectly the different aspects of the story from the main PoV.

I really hope you'll all head over and flail a little over the art and the stories, as so many people put so much time and effort into it. I'm immensely pleased that the site has gone live and I just love the artwork I received!


Aug. 7th, 2007 12:20 am
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Stolen from [ profile] unprettyme77

When you see this, post a little weensy excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will burst forth and do something, um, inspiration-y.

fic snippets -- Harry Potter, WWE, Buffy/Angel, Gilmore Girls, Doctor Who, Stargate Atlantis )

...and that's not them all...[ profile] karenfic, I think it would take you a MONTH YEAR to do this meme!


May. 29th, 2007 11:52 pm
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snurched from [ profile] misssimm

Post a list of your top five favourite fics you've written, regardless of fandom, or the reason you love them. This isn't about the best things you've written, but what you love most.

1] Forgotten Roses, Doctor Who (Nine/Rose). There's also a sequel with Ten, but it needs fleshing out before I post it properly. Here's the original version of the sequel, Lullaby Lost (hints of Ten/Rose)

2] Skies Are Blue, Gilmore Girls (Rory/Tristan)

3] In Dark Corners, Stargate: Atlantis (hints of John/Cam and John/Elizabeth), set in [ profile] irony_rocks's Genesis 'verse

4] What's Simple Is True, Stargate: SG1 (Sam/Jack, reference to Sam/Orlin)

5] For my WWE fics, I'm torn between Cabin Fever (Lita/Cena), In My Dreams (Lita/Hunter) and Cry Me a River (Lita/Shawn)

And because cheating is in my nature, here are a few of my other favourites:
(I figure I have so many genres and the like that I'm allowed to cheat *g*)

Broken Pieces, Alias (Syd/Sark)
Houston, We Have a Problem, Gilmore Girls (Rory/Logan)
Every Little Thing She Does is Magic, Harry Potter (Hermione/Snape)
Eternity in an Hour, Harry Potter (Hermione)
The Shadow Lands, Harry Potter (mildly Hermione/Draco, mainly friendship)
Lacrymosa WWE (Lita/Jeff)
and a definite fave is
Five Ways the World Ends, Stargate: Atlantis (AU, original characters, Atlantis as a colony cut off from Earth)

and if you want to go for something REALLY old that I love and promise I will finish one day, there's my old Cordelia/Angel fic, All You Have to do is Smile.

To be honest, one of my all time favourites that I write is a Harry Potter AU called 'Come What May'. It's an AU version of Chamber of Secrets and is almost as long as the book (only 'almost', because it's not finished yet). The reason it's not mentioned is because I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't start posting it until it was finished or almost finished, so it's not up yet. Let's just say I started it just before [ profile] heliona started Wood & Wild. So that should give you an indication of how long I've been working on it. A few years.

And I should be posting it soon...

Anyway, am off to bed now! *g*
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Okay, so I only came online to quickly post the previous post and to let you all know that I'm off on holiday next week. Therefore, I likely won't be about at all (not even a little) until mid October.

However, I logged in to my inbox and found this!

So, because I now have a pretty banner for it, I'm linking the fic again.

Lullaby Lost
By Kyizi

Doctor Who and it's related characters and ideas do not belong to me; only the story and any original characters are mine.

Rating: PG13/12A

Spoilers: Everything up to and including Season 2, episode 6.

( Lullaby Lost )

Also, HUGE congrats to [ profile] theemdash who got first place for her SG1 J/D fic Bad Timing. What I've read is fab, but I haven't finished reading because I'm always in an internet cafe when I attempt it and I'd blush.

A lot.
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Lullaby Lost
By Kyizi

Doctor Who and it's related characters and ideas do not belong to me; only the story and any original characters are mine.

Rating: PG13/12A

Spoilers: Everything up to and including Season 2, episode 6.

Email: kyizifanfic [at] hotmail [dot] com

Notes: This is a ficathon response. My muses were refusing to cooperate and then, all of a sudden, this happened. This is not a direct sequel to Forgotten Roses, in that you don’t have to have read it or have any knowledge of it, but I always felt like it was the sequel when writing it. There are a few references to FR, but it’s nothing you’d need to know.

This is for [ profile] theemdash as a late birthday present and because it was her that got me to sign up for the ficathon in the first place. She waved it in front of me like a big bar of Galaxy Chocolate and I couldn’t resist! I’m so sorry; I tried to write you a Stargate fic, but my muses wouldn’t cooperate, so I hope this’ll do.

The Ficathon: I have no idea what songs my lyrics came from and I resisted the urge to google them and find out. I did, however, manage to put all three in my fic, so feel free to give me brownie points. Or just brownies would be nice, actually, big chocolate ones. The lines are listed at the end, because I found that, when you knew what they were, they might as well be highlighted in neon colours with huge arrows and speech balloons shouting, ‘look, ma, here it is!’

Oh, and another note for those of you who stuck with me through Forgotten Roses, I want to say thank you and also to add that I’ll try my best to make sure that this one doesn’t end with the same depressing feeling some of you so vocally expressed at the end of FR! Sorry, about that! ;)

This is mostly from Rose’s point of view, but the Doctor makes an appearance at the end. Italics are, well, you’ll see ;)

Lullaby Lost )

Feedback is always appreciated.
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Well, I downloaded some pretty brushes and some pretty caps and decided to play *g*

Some of them I'm quite proud of, but let me know what you think!


10 Icons: Rose, Doctor/Rose, Doctor/Jack )

You can get all my previous Doctor Who icons here
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Okay, I went a little mad...remember I said I needed some Doctor Who icons? Well...I kinda went a little nuts. I've only done the first two eps (plus one cap I had to do the minute I saw it!) and I've already got 30 done! Some are better than others, but here ya go. Hope you like!

(Note: some are just variations on the same base)


, ,
, ,

8 Doctor, 12 Rose, 10 Doctor/Rose )

Want. Take. Have. Credit.


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