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snurched from [ profile] misssimm

Post a list of your top five favourite fics you've written, regardless of fandom, or the reason you love them. This isn't about the best things you've written, but what you love most.

1] Forgotten Roses, Doctor Who (Nine/Rose). There's also a sequel with Ten, but it needs fleshing out before I post it properly. Here's the original version of the sequel, Lullaby Lost (hints of Ten/Rose)

2] Skies Are Blue, Gilmore Girls (Rory/Tristan)

3] In Dark Corners, Stargate: Atlantis (hints of John/Cam and John/Elizabeth), set in [ profile] irony_rocks's Genesis 'verse

4] What's Simple Is True, Stargate: SG1 (Sam/Jack, reference to Sam/Orlin)

5] For my WWE fics, I'm torn between Cabin Fever (Lita/Cena), In My Dreams (Lita/Hunter) and Cry Me a River (Lita/Shawn)

And because cheating is in my nature, here are a few of my other favourites:
(I figure I have so many genres and the like that I'm allowed to cheat *g*)

Broken Pieces, Alias (Syd/Sark)
Houston, We Have a Problem, Gilmore Girls (Rory/Logan)
Every Little Thing She Does is Magic, Harry Potter (Hermione/Snape)
Eternity in an Hour, Harry Potter (Hermione)
The Shadow Lands, Harry Potter (mildly Hermione/Draco, mainly friendship)
Lacrymosa WWE (Lita/Jeff)
and a definite fave is
Five Ways the World Ends, Stargate: Atlantis (AU, original characters, Atlantis as a colony cut off from Earth)

and if you want to go for something REALLY old that I love and promise I will finish one day, there's my old Cordelia/Angel fic, All You Have to do is Smile.

To be honest, one of my all time favourites that I write is a Harry Potter AU called 'Come What May'. It's an AU version of Chamber of Secrets and is almost as long as the book (only 'almost', because it's not finished yet). The reason it's not mentioned is because I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't start posting it until it was finished or almost finished, so it's not up yet. Let's just say I started it just before [ profile] heliona started Wood & Wild. So that should give you an indication of how long I've been working on it. A few years.

And I should be posting it soon...

Anyway, am off to bed now! *g*
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(2 fic updates below)

Well, will start with the randomness...

Alias! Good place to start. Am getting up early tomorrow so that I can meet the wonderful Robert who will give me episodes 12-present (or possibly only up to 16). Meaning I can watch them all! Woohoo! ...altho, have feeling [ profile] heliona will kill me if I watch them before taking them over to her. Not that I care of course. Would dies happy, having seen Sarkness! So, [ profile] stevie_jane, they'll be copied and heading your way soon! ;)

Stargate, am still no closer to finishing season as I was working today. Am loving season 6. Jonas *sigh*. Am thinkin I'll have to make an SG1 layout. Must play with pretty Jonas caps. Have turned into [ profile] progectgalem. Am capping everything! ...well, every scene he's in, at least. Plus a lot of Sam, too...and Jack...okay am capping the lot!

Am thinking of jumping on fic recording band wagon now that I have my mic, but am not sure where to begin! Any ideas, anyone?

Okay, well, am up early (Alias!), so will post fic updates and then go to bed...possibly to make layout or watch more, must sleep! (yeah, right. and the chances are...?)

All You Have To Do Is Smile *Angel fic* (C/A)
To read previous parts, click here

Part Ten )

Cry Me A River *WWE fic* (Lita/HBK)
To read previous parts, click here.

Part 19 )

Hopefully more Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic *Harry Potter* (Snape/Hermione) within the next few days. ([ profile] heliona is betaing atm).

And I might even get the next part of What's Simple Is True *SG1* (SJR) as well. Just to keep [ profile] loriel_eris happy! Who knows, might even get more of The Awakening (SG1 SJR) done as well...


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