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This is my entry to the Lita Holiday Fic Exchange over on [ profile] lita_fics.

Title: Just For Christmas
Author: Kyizi
Written For: [ profile] revivingophelia
Pairing: Lita/Dean
Challenge: Christmas Tree Ornament (although, there's a mention of snow!)
Spoilers/Timeline: Okay, let me start by saying that I'm vaguely confusling matters here! For Supernatural this will take place near the start of season 2, maybe a few episodes in. For the WWE, we're going back a bit (totally not because I haven't been watching lately... ;p ) to just after Lita's neck injury. She's recovered, but not back at the WWE and she's broken up with Matt. I've also tinkered about with their ages I think, (Well, Lita's - in this fic she started out in the WWE at a young age): it's not mentioned, but Dean is 27, Lita is 25 and Sam is 23. Also...yeah, I made Lita a little supernatural (no pun intended!) herself...


Just For Christmas )

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By Kyizi

The WWE and all related items do not belong to me; only the story is mine. No copyright infringement intended.

Rating: 12A/PG-13

Distribution: Please ask.

Characters: Lita, HBK, Triple H

Spoilers: All current storyline is fair game (as 13-Aug-06)

Feedback: Please, it makes me smile :)

Notes: Previous parts: | Part One | Part Two |


Part Three )
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Hey all!

Well, that's the end of the ficathon. Below you'll find details of each request and a link to the fics. I hope everyone involved had fun writing and that everyone reading both enjoys and leaves some feedback!

Lita Ficathon Masterlist ) contemplating at Dx, Lita/Randy, or Lita/John Ficathon next... I'd quite like to take part in one myself :)
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Ficathon Assignments were sent out on 20/08/06 by email. If anyone didn't get theirs, let me know.

Original Post, with all the info and rules, is under the cut.

Rules and Info )


Aug. 13th, 2006 04:43 pm
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Okay, so I went home last night and was going to write, but couldn't quite get going. So, I decided to icon instead. I don't have a lot of Lita icons that I really like, so I decided to make more *g*

A few of them are variations on moving icons and I also thought that some of the stills used to make them were quite nice on their own, so I've uploaded some of those as well.


27 Lita icons )

Remember: want, take, have, credit
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Okay, so my lack of internet time and the fact that I don't have Sky TV (and therefore can't watch the wrestling) is beginning to iritate me. In order to give myself something WWE-related and fun to do off-line I was hoping to run a WWE ficathon.

At this stage I'm just trying to guage whether or not I'd have a fair amout of participation. I'm looking for writers who'd be interested in signing up. To narrow things down, I'm thinking of making it a Lita Ficathon (she's my favourite Diva after all), but am open to running a general WWE ficathon when this one's over.

Here are a few notes on what I intend to set out:

* Deadline will be at least three months from the date the assignments are sent out and will be specified from the beginning.

* Every participant will get a fic written for them and will have to write a fic for someone else (form is shown below).

* Fics can be written in parts, as long as at least four or five parts are ready by the deadline and you intend to finish it.

* Fics should have Het pairings only.

* Participants should not post their fics anywhere until the deadline date. Each writer should send me a link to their fic and, on the date specified, I will create an open 'ficathon masterlist' post on my LJ with links to everyone's entries, which can be accessed by anyone.

Each participant will post in a thread I'll start on my LJ (I'll allow anonymous posts for those of you who don't have Live Journals) filling in the following 'form':

The form )

I'll then take all the entrants and match everyone with a fic to write. You'll use the 'requirements' set out and write a fic for that person.

e.g. (not because I think you're stupid, but because I doubt my ability to explain coherently) )

Right, so...any takers!?

If there's anything mentioned that puts you off signing up, please let me know as nothing's set in stone.

Also, if you can think of any LJ communities/Yahoo Groups etc. that might have interested writers feel free to post a link to my LJ post and spread the word!



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