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Okay, this chapter is so long that it has been split into two parts. I can't get the whole thing to fit in this textbox, or anywhere else for that matter!

For those of you that want to read chapters one and two, you can get them here

Chapter Three A - Hermione finally tells her friends her secret, but they don't all take it the right way. As she continues to prepare for teaching, she finds that her powers are beginning to surface...

Chapter Three: The Perception of Truths and Lies - Part A: Hermione )
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Yes, was able to beat up my muses and force them to co-operate for a little while, at least!

To read part one, click here

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic, Chapter Two )

Haven't been around lately as [ profile] notasalmon is up for a visit, and with work and college as well, have been a very busy Kyizi. Heh, that rhymes!

Speaking of busy, [ profile] heliona and I have jumped on the fic recording bandwagon and have been working on recording our Draco/Ginny fic "What Stands Between Us". Is coming along nicely! So much so, that I went and ordered my own mic! Had to order a USB one though, because, for reasons best known to himself, Johnny (my laptop), doesn't have a mic inlet...bizarre.

Anyway, have college work due in tomorrow (ARGH! Will never get it all done in time!), so I'd best off. Hope you enjoy the update!
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Hello there!

Well, have duped the college system, hah! The damn thing won't even let me log on anymore, but I sneaked! It seems to like [ profile] heliona's lj, so I logged in while replying to one of her posts! Mwaha!

Ooh, Alias! Rendezvous tickets go on sale on Saturday, and am waiting with baited breath to see if [ profile] notasalmon can come with me! Is anyone else going?!

Started my first ever Snape/Hermione fic last night, and I think it's actually going to get me into writing again, *fingers crossed*. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic is on, and has been sent in to Schnoogle and Lord and Lady Snape. So am hoping it'll be up soon. It's all [ profile] stevie_jane's fault, really, she's the one that mentioned me writing Snape/Hermione fic, she outright baited me into it!

Anyway, have also written a Harry POV sequel to Could It Get Any Worse?, called What In The World Possessed Me?, and (again thanks to [ profile] stevie_jane), am thinking of writing a Snape POV to explain why he was naked! She thinks said explanation should involve Hermione...there's a surprise! ;)

Am going link crazy here, and I hope they all work, cause I don't think I'll be able to check the post at all, if the blocking thing continues. *Sigh*

Am heading out tonight, not sure where yet, but am going to get drunk with college people again! Should be fun seeing as we're not in tomorrow. WOOHOO! Unfortunately new block starts next week, and I have the feeling lots of work will be involved :( At least I'm cutting my hours at work, don't think I could cope otherwise, however, this does mean I will be skint for the rest of the year, expecially if I end up going to this convention. Certainly hope so, have stalking plans for DA ;) LoL!

Anyway, am going to head off and see what other sites it *won't* let me into (Grrr, Argh).


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