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*sigh* was very bored. Made these at about 3am, so if they suck, that's why! ;) Just click on them for the 1024x768. If you want 800x600, email me :)

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Yup, KyiziDotCom is finally up and running! I have spent the last two days redoing the layout and now (FINALLY!) have my web page.

All my fanfiction can be found at this site, that's every complete chapter of every fic I have written to date, as well as a few fics never seen by anyone other than [ profile] heliona before.

So take a look around, they're all sectioned by genre. There are also a few of my wallpapers up, again for different genres, but only a few as they wouldn't all fit otherwise!

Incase any ones is curious, the Dracula part of the site (still under construction) is for the small theatre group from my college that are taking Dracula to the Edinburgh Fringe this year. I' helping with publicity.

A huge thanks to [ profile] notasalmon who originally designed Enchantment (the fic archive). I just played around with her frames!

If you find any broken links, let me know, and if you like the site, let me know that too! ;)

Gtg learn monologue for tomorrow! BYE!
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Well, I found out that my project for DTP (Yes, am being forced to do a DTP module, despite the fact that I'm perfectly capable of turning on a computer etc. - at least I get to skip the classes and head straight for assessment!), is to be on theatre plays not films. So my attempt at a Thundercats poster was pointless. It's not done, but thought I'd share the so far-ness of it.

Thundercats )

Oh, and just because I've suddenly joined [ profile] stevie_jane with her Keira crush, here's a wee look at the wallpaper I just made (will link to, rather than cut)

Keira wallpaper

Anyway, am off to have a bath then finish homework!


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