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(2 fic updates below)

Well, will start with the randomness...

Alias! Good place to start. Am getting up early tomorrow so that I can meet the wonderful Robert who will give me episodes 12-present (or possibly only up to 16). Meaning I can watch them all! Woohoo! ...altho, have feeling [ profile] heliona will kill me if I watch them before taking them over to her. Not that I care of course. Would dies happy, having seen Sarkness! So, [ profile] stevie_jane, they'll be copied and heading your way soon! ;)

Stargate, am still no closer to finishing season as I was working today. Am loving season 6. Jonas *sigh*. Am thinkin I'll have to make an SG1 layout. Must play with pretty Jonas caps. Have turned into [ profile] progectgalem. Am capping everything! ...well, every scene he's in, at least. Plus a lot of Sam, too...and Jack...okay am capping the lot!

Am thinking of jumping on fic recording band wagon now that I have my mic, but am not sure where to begin! Any ideas, anyone?

Okay, well, am up early (Alias!), so will post fic updates and then go to bed...possibly to make layout or watch more, must sleep! (yeah, right. and the chances are...?)

All You Have To Do Is Smile *Angel fic* (C/A)
To read previous parts, click here

Part Ten )

Cry Me A River *WWE fic* (Lita/HBK)
To read previous parts, click here.

Part 19 )

Hopefully more Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic *Harry Potter* (Snape/Hermione) within the next few days. ([ profile] heliona is betaing atm).

And I might even get the next part of What's Simple Is True *SG1* (SJR) as well. Just to keep [ profile] loriel_eris happy! Who knows, might even get more of The Awakening (SG1 SJR) done as well...
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Yes, I seem to be lacking mine. They have gone on strike/holiday and I can't seem to find 'em.

Have so many unfinished fics, although I did manage to get Showers and Spice and All Things Nice finished last night. So, any ideas/inspiration?

I think part of the problem is that I no longer ship for H/G or R/Hrm anymore, and that's some of it, but have not written anything to my S/Hrm foc or my H/D fic for a while either...

Am nearly finished my Lita/Shawn Michaels fic, Cry Me A River, though. And please, someone believe that I had never even heard of Justin Timberlake when I named it, and if I had would have named it differently and wished I hadn't heard of him!


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