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And finally, I give you the masterlist of fics. I've separated by genre and put them in order of most recent genres first. And, holy cow, the things you find on your hard drive! I just discovered 15 pages of a Harry/Draco/Blaise fic (I don't think it was all three, just that I hadn't decided what pairing I was going for) and I really want to finish it now! I also discovered a Harry/Draco fic I started writing for [ profile] abby_i aaaaaages ago.

Anyway, will start with...

Podfic: I recorded Retrograde, by Martha Wilson, which can be found here. (I do intend to finish this series at some point, if Martha's still okay with it.)

Fics prefixed with a * = written a long time ago.
All works in progress are marked WiP.
** = it's a story that's so old I can't guarantee I'll be finishing it.

Genre Navigation (alphabetically)

| Alias | Angel/Buffy | Dark Angel | Doctor Who/Torchwood | Farscape | Gilmore Girls | Harry Potter | Numb3rs | Stargate: Atlantis | Stargate: SG1 | Star Trek: Deep Space 9 | Star Trek: Voyager | Supernatural Crossovers (Smallville & WWE) | WWE Wrestling |

Stargate: Atlantis )
Doctor Who/Torchwood )
Supernatural Crossovers (Smallville and WWE) )
Gilmore Girls )
WWE (Wrestling) )
Numb3rs )
Harry Potter )
Stargate: SG1 )
Farscape )
Alias )
Dark Angel )
Angel/Buffy )
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine )
Star Trek: Voyager )

I tried a multitude of variations on how this should look. It took forever and I eventually decided on this. If you can think of an easier to read/use way of doing this, please let me know.
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The Wee!John Masterlist of Snippets and Fics
by Kyizi

Rating: 12A/PG-13
Characters: Rodney, kid-ified John Sheppard, Lorne, Teyla, Ronon, Elizabeth, Cadman and others.
Pairings: Mainly gen, but there's a slight side helping of Keller/Lorne and mentions of past Janet Fraser/Lorne

Summary: When an Ancient machine turns John Sheppard into a child, Rodney McKay is left to cope with the aftermath. As he struggles to cope with caring for the boy, dealing with his duties and trying to find a way to bring his best friend back, he finds that his life is changing in ways he could never have imagined.

Notes: Okay, so there are a few ways to read this 'verse and I thought it a good idea to give people the option of choosing their preference. I'm going to list them initially in the order that they were written in, as I suspect a lot of people might want to stick to that order. Also, I'll give you the option of reading chronologically with regards to John's age.

Please note that this 'verse began as part of a 'five things' and, therefore, there are four other unrelated ficlets in that post.

By date 'published'

5 Ancient Devices Rodney Wishes He’d Never Discovered: The Incredible (KILL ME NOW) Shrinking Machine
Just an Ordinary Day
Christmas with the Millers
Nap Time
Show Me How Tight You Can Cuddle
Little Troublemaker
Paternal Instinct
Not a Creature Was Stirring

Main Fic
Life in Miniature Motion: The Full Story of Wee!John

More snippets to follow...

The Full Story
Life in Miniature Motion: The Full Story of Wee!John

John, age three
Paternal Instinct
Show Me How Tight You Can Cuddle
Not a Creature Was Stirring

John, age four
5 Ancient Devices Rodney Wishes He’d Never Discovered: The Incredible (KILL ME NOW) Shrinking Machine
Just an Ordinary Day
Nap Time
Christmas with the Millers

John, age five
Little Troublemaker

I'm about to post the main fic, so that link will work when it goes up!
ETA: All links present and accounted for! I'm going to go through the snippets at some point and add forwarding tags that work with reading the 'verse both ways listed above. But give me time!
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The Lita/John and Lita/Randy Ficathon Master List

Okay, so the deadline is finally here! Please remember that the rules stated that a fic didn't have to be finished, but could be either half of a long fic, or the first five parts of a really long/epic fic (on the condition that the author intends to finish the fic).

Here are the entries, please remember to review!

Alphabetically, because it's easiest..

Click for the the fics... )
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Hey all!

Well, that's the end of the ficathon. Below you'll find details of each request and a link to the fics. I hope everyone involved had fun writing and that everyone reading both enjoys and leaves some feedback!

Lita Ficathon Masterlist ) contemplating at Dx, Lita/Randy, or Lita/John Ficathon next... I'd quite like to take part in one myself :)


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