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Okay, am seriously going to bed in a mo, but I have a question for those WWE readers.

Right, I have a fic idea and I'm definitely going to run with it (I know, I know, I need to get back to my other fics and I WILL, but this idea is eating me!). Problem is I'm stuck as to how. So, I've decided to enlist your help!

Right, my current obsession, mainly because I've been inhaling season one of late (one disc to go!), is Ghost Whisperer. Now I'm not talking of a crossover, because although I could make it work, I want Lita to be the focus (as usual) rather than Melinda. So, instead, I intend to shamelessly steal GW and bend it to my will!

I have two premises to choose between and a few pairings. For those who don't watch GW, the premise is that Melinda (played by Jennifer Love Hewitt) -- whom I intend to use Lita in place of -- has been able to see and talk to ghosts since she was a little girl. She helps troubled spirits who are trapped this side of the light with unfinished business, to deal with things they left behind, by acting as a medium between the living and the dead, until the dead are ready to crossover. It can be creepy and not all spirits are nice.

Right, so

Premise One:

Set during older time line, either when Lita is still with Kane, or has moved to being with Edge. Lita can see the dead everywhere, Kane is surrounded by evil spirits who torture him, and in turn her, possibly moreso than he ever could. She's trapped and overwhelmed by the number of ghosts she sees -- and has to deal with -- traveling with the company, but is too tortured by it all to get away or do anything about it when she has no one to lean on. The guy she's going to be paired with is also haunted by a ghost, a little girl who's very sad and upset and can't understand why Lita won't help her talk to him...

Premise Two:

Lita has left the WWE and set up shop in a small town. She's living her life, helping the dead crossover in her spare time and making new friends. Everything's good and all is well...until the WWE comes into town. The guy she's paired with walks into her shop and he's not alone. He's being haunted by a ghost who wants Lita's help to talk to him. Unfortunately, the rest of the WWE is also in town and Lita didn't just leave the people in the company behind, she left some rather angry and unsatisfied sprirts, too... please?!!

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Okay, so this is something that has seriously bugged me for a long time, but, due to the amount of fic I've been reading this last week, it's come up more than I'm used to. I've found that the fact that it seems to be a common thing makes it bug the shit out of me even more.

Why, (no, seriously) why to people feel the need to put author notes in the body of a fic? This isn't a rhetorical question, I'm actually asking you all. I know that a vast majority of you write fic and that even more of you read it, so I'm honestly asking you for one reason that makes sense as to why you would willingly break the narrative of a fic and insert a comment about the content. I don't understand it and I absolutely hate coming across it. If I'm not already invested in actually reading a fic, I usually tend to hit the back button and find something else to read. If the fic is really good, I will keep reading, but I have to be honest and say that it will put me off.

To me, when I'm writing a fic, the last thing I want is to suck a reader into a story only to jerk them right back out of it with some (often inane) comment that has nothing to do with the actual telling of the story. I'm not just talking about coming across something like:

Example 1:

Brennan sighed and ran a hand through her hair, before pushing the door open and entering the room. She stopped short, her eyes widening slightly as she tried to force herself not to study the specimen before her. However, human nature dictated she be at least a little curious, and the anthropologist in her let her eyes wander. She couldn't deny that Seely Booth was certainly a specimen worth studying. (A/N: OMG! He so is, isn't he!? He's unbelievably hot!) Her study, however, was cut short a moment later when he looked up.

The fact is that I have come across random comments like that in fic before, but (thankfully) not all that often. The kind of comments that have prompted this rant, however, are slightly less fangirlish and more...see, the word that comes to mind is 'unprofessional', but that's not exactly what I mean. We write fic for fun and because, as writers, it helps us improve (at least, those are two of my reasons). It's a way to practice certain techniques, or styles, a way to improve writing plots, or characters, or whatever, and mainly because it's fun and it lets us come up with new scenarios for our favourite (and sometimes not so favourite) characters. So, to say unprofessional would imply that it's a profession, but, really, it's just for fun and what I really mean to say about coming across these random notes is that it's fucking annoying.

This is more what I mean:

Example 2:

"Are you honestly telling me that you've never seen Star Wars?" Booth asked incredulously.

"I've never really seen the point," Brennan replied, shrugging and taking another sip of coffee. "I have no interest in space exploration and even less interest in aliens and unlikely scenarios involving robots and spaceships. The chances of anything of that nature (AN: that's not the word I meant, but I couldn't think of the right one, sorry!) occurring in our lifespans are phenomenally small, besides."

"It's not supposed to be realistic, Bones, it's supposed to be fun."

"I have fun."

Really? I mean, why? Those may not be the best examples, but I just wanted to make my point before I ask for input. As far as I'm aware, that's the kind of comment you put in before you send it to a beta reader and it's specifically intended for said beta reader, it's not meant to still be there when posted for the general public. And if you don't have a beta reader, why put the comment in at all? Wait until the end, or comment at the start, but do not place it in the middle of the damn story!


So, yeah, input anyone?

(I'll leave this post unlocked, in case anyone not on the f-list wants to comment)

And, because I've never done one before...tell me what you think in the poll:

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ETA: *growl* I take it back. Example number 1 is now more irritating that example number 2. Twice in three fics. Actually three times in one and once in another. I...I just do not get it!


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