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Association Meme: Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

[ profile] carmen_sandiego gave me: Dr. Who, Bones, Scotland, fic, and icons.

Doctor Who makes me giddy, like a wee giddy thing! I love that the TARDIS is all but IKEA-made, that the effects are cheesy and the baddies look like dust bins, because it's about the people. I love the characters more than anything. It doesn't matter what Doctor or companion is at the helm, I'd travel through time and space with them in a heartbeat.

Bones is one of my new obsessions. It sucked me in and refused to spit me out. The characters drew me because they're geeky and sometimes awkward and, in that sense, more like real life than a lot of the TV characters I watch. And even though the Booth/Brennan is beginning to piss me off (get on with it already, or leave it alone!), even though what they did to Zach broke my heart, and even though I think they do their charactrs a certain injustice by refusing to let them grow and develop the way I think they should, it still kind of owns me.

Scotland is more to me than just the country I was born in. It's a part of every piece of me; my culture, my loves, my family, in short it's my life. I love the music, the dancing, the accents, the dialects, the flag, the smells and sounds and sights. I could travel anywhere in the world and for all that I'd love to see everything I can possibly see, for all that I love the music of accents and languages that I don't understand, it's Scotland that I'll miss and long for in the end. I love the people and the places, I love that we can get 4 seasons in a day, I love that people can make up words on the spot and I'll still know what they're talking about, I love that no matter where I am in the world, it will always be home. I've been to the top (almost!), the middle and the bottom, I've lived in the city and the country and I left my heart in the highlands. I've climbed Bens and hiked hills and eaten lunch in the snow by waterfalls and laughed in the wind from what felt like the top of the world, and nothing, just nothing will ever feel quite like that.

Fic ate me at the tender age of 16 when I first found Spike/Willow and it turned into the obsession that would last over multiple genres for the next decade and counting! Sometimes I want to let it go and move on, sometimes I think it'd be better to finally think about writing my own characters and plots and maybe, just maybe, see if it's worth doing it for a living. But then I remember that the fic was never about 'making it' in the end. It's always been about possibility. If you want canon alone, you watch the show/read the book and leave it at that, but oh the possibilities are what fic is all about. it's the what ifs and the intracies. It's about taking time to look at the consequences where the creators didn't have time, it's about everything and anything that's imaginable and then some. And then it's about fandom. Because fandom, to me, comes hand in hand with it and who couldn't love people who reach out further than their words, reach out to the people reading them and lend a helping hand in places, or just an ear to listen in others.

Icons are something I love to play with! I don't just change one icon when I get bored, I change all 120 of them at once and, oh boy, does that take some doing! I've got over 6000 of them saved over about 30 genres and only space for 120. I see them, I love them, I save them and then I spent about 5 days debating over them when I decide to update them! I like to make some, too, but I lack a fair bit of skill in that area. I can do some awesome manips, but then I kind of flounder about wondering wtf I'm meant to do with them next! I really should get back and practice more! :p
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